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What is a crown?
The crown of your tooth is the visible part that is above the gum line. A dental crown (commonly called a crown or cap) is a shield that covers the visible part of your tooth. Crowns are placed on teeth to make them strong, attractive, and easily cleaned. Crowns are also made to change the shape and color of teeth for cosmetic reasons. In addition, crowns are made to improve the bite and alignment of teeth.

Whom does a crown benefit?
Functionally, anyone with a weak, cracked or badly damaged tooth will benefit from the protection given by a crown. Teeth with old, large filings often need crowns to prevent breakage of the tooth. Also, most back teeth that have had root canal treatment need crowns for strength. In addition, some teeth that have bite or alignment problems can be improved with crowns. Cosmetically, the appearance of teeth can be greatly enhanced with crowns.

How is it done?
First, Dr. Lockwood removes all of the old filling material and decay from the tooth. Then, he refills the voids in the tooth with a special filling material that makes the tooth stronger. Then, he reshapes the tooth to allow the dental crown to fit over the tooth properly. After this, a mould is made of the prepared tooth and a temporary crown is placed on it to provide comfort, appearance, and protection while the new crown is made. The fabrication of the new crown takes days of behind the scenes work, and it is placed on the tooth at a subsequent appointment. Dr. Lockwood works closely with talented and experienced technicians, and enjoys performing some of the laboratory work himself. Once the new crown is fabricated it is tried on the tooth to verify fit, form, and appearance, and then is cemented in place with a very strong adhesive.

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